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The APPS – Northeast Ohio office covers a 17-county area that encompasses all of Northeastern Ohio. We work with more than 50 trained medical examiners, nurses and doctors that deliver mobile paramedical examination services throughout the region. These professionals are well-trained and qualified to meet the needs of our insurance industry clients.  Our examiners are experienced in the following areas:

Paramedical Exam

Examiners collect medical history, vital signs, measurements and a urine specimen. The examiner will need contact information for the applicant’s doctor(s) and inquire about the details of doctor visits within the last 5 years. The examiner will also need information concerning the dosage and duration of any current medications.


Blood Draw

Blood is drawn from the arm or the finger, as required by the insurance company. Only sterile, disposable needles and supplies are used. This blood sample will be sent to a laboratory designated by the insurance carrier. Results are sent directly to the underwriting department of the insurance company and are never available to APPS or the examiner.


This is a painless procedure which requires that electrodes be placed on the chest, arms and lower legs. The applicant will lie in a flat, relaxed position in a location without any large electrical appliances. Privacy is generally recommended, as the applicant will need to partially disrobe.


Physician's Exam

If required by the insurance company, in addition to the elements in the standard paramedical exam, an applicant may be required to undergo a physical exam by a physician. The parameters of these exams are defined by the insurance company.