Ways to Work More Efficiently

The following are ways to be sure your work schedule is as efficient as possible:

Distribute Tasks.  Look at the client care plan and your assignments.  Note the assigned housekeeping tasks.  Divide the tasks and schedule them for the week and the month.  Make sure all your assignments can be completed in the time you have.  Some tasks are best accomplished together.  For example, it is most efficient to do all the laundry on one day.  Then you are able to do larger loads and fold and iron all at once.  Plan one morning or afternoon to do the laundry.  For more efficiency, plan other tasks to do while loads are in the washer or dryer.

Prioritize Tasks. Prioritizing your tasks is an important time and energy management skill.  Think about the jobs you want to complete throughout the day.  Which ones must be done immediately?  Which ones must be done at a certain time?  Which activities are not absolutely essential and could be put off?  Spend time on activities that are most important first.

Simplify Tasks. L earn to simplify your tasks.  Take time to think about how you will go about doing a task.  Try to eliminate a few steps but still get the same result.  For example, when baking a cake, can you mix everything in one bowl?  When you clean up, can you stack everything on a tray and take it all to the sink at one time?

Be Realistic.  You may not be able to get everything done even if you plan carefully.  Reassess your schedule during the day.  Have you finished what you planned or are you behind?  Many tasks take longer than expected, or unexpected tasks need to be done – be realistic about what you can do.  Do not be afraid to change your plan.  It is better to accomplish the highest-priority tasks and let others go unfinished than to do everything half way.  The key to success is to be flexible.