Spiritual Needs

Clients have spiritual needs.  You can assist with these needs, too.  Helping clients meet their spiritual needs can help them cope with illness or disability.  Remember that spirituality is a sensitive area.  Do not offend your clients by making judgments or imposing your beliefs.

The following are some ways you can help clients meet their spiritual needs:

  • Learn a little bit about your client’s religion or beliefs.
  • Accommodate practices such as dietary restrictions. Never make judgments about them.  Also, respect your client’s decision to refrain from food-related rituals.
  • Respect all religious items.
  • Get to know the priest, rabbi, or minister who visits or calls your client.
  • Allow privacy for clergy visits.
  • If a client asks you, help find spiritual resources available in the area. The yellow pages usually list churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship.

You should never do the following:

  • Try to change someone’s religion.
  • Tell clients their belief or religion is wrong.
  • Express judgments about a religious group
  • Insist clients join religious activities.
  • Interfere with religious practices.