Simple Ways to Conserve Time & Energy

Energize.  Use good body mechanics.  Take occasional breaks to restore your energy.  Alternate longer tasks with shorter tasks, and high-energy tasks with low-energy ones.  Take care of yourself – eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest.

Organize. At the beginning of the day, do a mental run-down of the tasks that must be done and rearrange your schedule if necessary.  Plan what must be done and do it.  Store frequently used items in convenient places near the work area.  Assemble your equipment and materials before you begin a task.  Keep clutter in control and work in good light.  Think about how to organize activities and equipment to avoid unnecessary work.  Make and use shopping lists.

Economize.  Save time and energy by doing a little extra ahead of time.  Use trays, baskets, or carts to carry several things at once.  Prepare often-used food items ahead of time and freeze them.  Cook in quantity and freeze meal-size portions.  Cook more than one item in the oven at a time.

Minimize. Look for ways to make tasks shorter and easier.  Modify your workspace to make your work more comfortable and easier.

Specialize.  Use the right tool for each task.  For example, a vegetable peeler is more efficient than a knife for peeling carrots.  Take pride in what you are doing.  Finally, be sure to thank family members who have picked up, cleaned up, or participated in household chores.