Scheduling & Timekeeping

Scheduling & Timekeeping

The client service representatives (CSRs) complete client schedules on a monthly basis and need to know your availability as soon as possible.  Contact your CSR at least weekly to discuss your schedule including updating your availability. The CSRs will schedule assignments using your availability as a guide.  Let the CSRs know if there are any changes in your availability as the week progresses.

  • All schedule changes must be approved in advance

  • Once accepted, the shift is your responsibility

  • Time-off requests must be submitted 2 weeks in advance

  • Notify office if time worked is less or more than scheduled

All home health care services must follow the Care Plan that is located in the Client Care Registry at the client’s home.  Each caregiver must document each episode of service delivery at the time it is provided. Documentation must be completed by the end of service delivery and verified with a dated signature of both provider and caregiver OR through electronic tracking system.

  • Work week is Monday – Sunday

  • Record exact times of arrival and departure

  • Record all time in online AxisCare system