Promoting Clients’ Rights

You can help protect your clients’ rights in the following ways:

  • Watch for and report to your supervisor any signs of abuse or neglect.
  • Involve clients in your planning.
  • Always explain a procedure before performing it.
  • Never abuse a client physically, psychologically, verbally, or sexually.
  • Respect a client’s refusal of care and report the refusal to your supervisor immediately.
  • Tell your supervisor if a client has questions about the goals of care or the care plan.
  • Be truthful when documenting care.
  • Do not talk or gossip about a client.
  • Knock and ask permission before entering a client’s room.
  • Do not open a client’s mail or look through his or her belongings.
  • Do not accept gifts or money from a client.
  • Respect your clients’ property.
  • Report observations regarding a client’s condition or care.