Personal Qualities

  • Being compassionate means being caring, concerned and considerate
  • Empathy means being able to enter into the feelings of others. People who are compassionate understand other people’s problems and care about them.
  • A person who is honest tells the truth and can be trusted.  Clients need to feel that they can trust the people who care for them.  The care team will depend on your honesty in planning the care plan.
  • People who are conscientious always try to do their best. They are always alert, observant, accurate, and responsible.  Conscientious care means making accurate observations, paying careful attention to the care plan, taking responsibility for actions, and reporting to other members of the care team.  For example, taking accurate measurements of vital signs, such as temperature, pulse, or respiration, is important.
  • Healthcare providers must be able to make and keep commitments.  You must report to work on time.  You must skillfully perform the assigned tasks, avoid too many absences, and keep your promises.  Dependability is especially important in homecare, where the supervisor is not usually there to check on client care.
  • Being respectful means seeing value in other people’s individuality, including age, religion, culture, feelings, and beliefs.  People who are respectful treat others politely and considerately.  You should care about people’s self-esteem.  Do not do or say anything that will damage it.  You must not let people down by gossiping about them.
  • Respect the various cultures and practices of your clients.
  • You will work with many different people from different backgrounds. You must give every one of your clients the same quality care regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or ethnic origin.
  • Non-judgmental. You may not like or agree with things that your clients or their families do or have done. However, your job is to care for each client according to the care plan, not to judge him or her.  Put aside your opinions and see each client as an individual who needs your care.