Follow an Established Work Plan

The client care plan and your assignments will tell you what tasks are required.  You can develop your own work plan.  This will allow you to finish all your assigned tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.  For each day or block of time you will spend in a home, list all the tasks you must complete.  Then, prioritize them.

Mark the most important as “1” and the next most important as “2,” and so on.  Finally, write out a schedule for the day, filling in the highest priority tasks first.  If there are tasks that must be done at a certain time, put those tasks on the schedule at the appropriate time.

Remember to distribute tasks, so that you are not trying to do all the housecleaning on one afternoon and end up with no time to bathe or care for a client.  Simplify tasks whenever possible to allow you to accomplish more.

Following an established work plan will allow you to get more done in less time.  It will also allow clients and families to know what to expect of you.  You may even want to discuss the plan with a client or family member as you are making it up or when it is finished.  Some people appreciate knowing what will be happening in their homes at any given time.