Exam Safety Protocols

Exam Safety Protocols

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the paramed exam industry to revise its health and safety protocols in order to provide proper protection for both examiners and applicants.  The following protocols must be followed when conducting an exam.

Confirm Appointments – All appointments must be confirmed the day prior and the mandatory Covid questions must be asked, and affirmatively answered.  Whenever you leave a voice message, make it clear that if the Covid questions are not affirmatively answered prior to the examiner’s arrival, the appointment will be rescheduled.

Social Distancing – Maintain a social distance of six (6) feet during your exam, except when taking specimens and performing vitals.

Sanitizing – Sanitize your hands and equipment before and after your appointment.

Gloves – Wear fresh gloves throughout the exam.  This means that gloves should be worn from the minute you enter the applicant’s home until you return to your car.  Of course, if you consider it appropriate, gloves may be changed after parts of each exam.  Gloves are NOT to be disposed of at the applicant’s home.

Face Covering – Wear a face mask or face shield, or both.  You are required to wear some form of cover over your mouth and nose from the moment you enter an applicant’s home, until you return to your car.  This can be in the form of construction masks, shields, dust masks, even clean bandanas, scarves and other items of clothing.  Be creative and use good judgment, but you must cover your mouth and nose in order to prevent the spread of vapors or fluids.

Eye Protection – Similar to the use of masks, you must cover your eyes.  Eyes provide a ready conduit into your blood stream and are a high-risk point of potential exposure.  If you do not have a face shield, eye shields, goggles or glasses will suffice.

Foot Wear – No open foot wear of any type is permitted (e.g. open-toed shoes, sandals, etc.).